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Old vs New roku device energy issue?

NO one talks about it, no nothing!!!! my old roku, when watchin then having a bathroom break I would come back and continue watchin no problms, no changes the machine didnt turn off and throw me back to the beginning!!  why do they do this?? they say, saving ENERGY, I say BS. Its done to annoy and frustrate. this Is part of their agenda. think about the things you need to buy every yr or two, that used to last many yrs....And the stupid unnecessary changes they make, like my new stove the burners are all changed around, just like the controls..?needed??no. If I left my old roku for 30 min or more I'd come back to see the coral reef, hit one button & my show was back. Now less then 5min entire screen goes black and I'm all the way OUT. start at beginning Again! Im very PO'd. is there some way to change these absurd settings??

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Re: Old vs New roku device energy issue?

It's hard to follow your rant, but see if there's a "power saving" option under Settings->System->Power and if so disable it.

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