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[OS 10.5] Restarting to "let's get started" setup

Ever since 11/17 my Roku has been restarting to the “let’s get started” setup. I’d go through the steps and activate then I’d find my channels were there but the only one that had me logged in when I started it was HBO Max (this is the channel I was watching when the crashes started). Today it would not play a show and just reset to “let’s get started” then it would just randomly freeze and restart on the Home Screen or even while setting up now I can’t even get it to send an email activate “We can’t seem to reach you by email.”

Fabulous QA on that update push btw…

issue report tracker 

4400x - Roku 4

YY00HH318559 (4U75AH318559)

10.5.0 build 4201-17


Issue Id 59-463-650

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