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[OS 10.5] HDCP error on Roku Ultra 4800RW

Same issue here with the HDCP error - just started out of the blue about two weeks ago 10/15/2021

I tried all the solution listed in previous post.  I now disconnect power and HDMI from TV and Roku and don't get the HDCP error screen until the next day when turn on the system.  After reset, The Roku returns to the home screen after each live TV show on Hulu app. I just purchased my Roku Ultra in January 2021 and if this is as long as they last, I will have to look for another option.

My info:

Roku Ultra 4800RW

ser# X01000R3PGPC

Software version 10.5.0 build 4191-c2

device id S02C20A3PGPC

Please help.

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[OS 10.5] Can't watch content due to HDCP error code 020

I have been using my two Roku 4800X models for almost a year with zero issues.

Over the past few days I started getting the HDCP error screen with error code 020 on the bedroom TV.

The unit also started telling me it can't output to 1080p and falls back to 720p!!!

I have already followed the troubleshooting section several times. It fixes the issue for a few shows and then it pops up again.

This is ridiculous. I'm not going to disconnect everything several times a day!

I have swapped out the HDMI cable for two different ones and I have tried both HDMI ports on the TV. I even swapped Roku units from the livingroom to the bedroom. Same annoying issue!

Model: 4800X - Roku Ultra

Serial: X010009FUS54

Software: 10.5.0 - Build 4191-C2

Device ID: SO2A20AFUS54

Issue ID: 54-438-601

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Re: Can't watch content due to HDCP error code 020

The units will also go to the screensaver for a while, but after a certain amount of time they completely shut off.

Also, when I first turn the TV on, the Roku would already be on, but now they're powered off and the TV has no signal until the Roku powers up. This never happened until recently. The same time as the 020 error is when the power down issues started too.

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Re: [OS 10.5] HDCP error on Roku Ultra 4800RW

Hi @Bogey62 @TahoeLady

Thanks for the note.

If you are experiencing an HDCP error, we recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps provided by our Support page here: What should I do if I see an “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen?

All the best,

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Re: [OS 10.5] HDCP error on Roku Ultra 4800RW

I clearly stated every step I have performed, including the troubleshooting guide, and nothing works.


[10.5] HDCP errors on Roku device

4800x -roku ultra 

Device id - s02a209atm6k

Software 10.5.0 build 4198-c2

I just started receiving this error message and nothing has changed on my end

Is there a better device than roku. I've anyways enjoyed them until this started happening 

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Re: HDCP errors on Roku device Stream Stick+ device?

Having the same issues on a Streaming Stick+. It had been on OS 10.0.0, today I got updated to 10.5.0... but same issue with HDCP errors so I can watch nothing. Gave support some hidden code that lived on my stick, but have not heard anything back.

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Build 4198 and HDCP errors

Updates my Ultra 4800 to 4198-C2 on Nov 4. Immediately began getting HDCP error screen indicating  "error 20". Cannot stream any content from provider channels. Video selection results In error nearly every time.  Auto detect for display returns 720p instead of 1180p with previous build. System operation intermittently haywire, ending up with blank purple screen.  Have powered down and unplugged both TV and Roku, reseating HDMI cable, to no avail.  Shouldn't have to exhaust all other options to isolate problem to the software update when everything was working properly this morning before the "new and improved" software update. 

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Re: [OS 10.5] HDCP error on Roku Ultra 4800RW

I have also suddenly had HDCP since the update. I have also tried the steps described at HDCPhelp. You need to address this issue.

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Re: Build 4198 and HDCP errors

I have the same problem and have tried all recommended action to no avail.