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Nothing changed but it stopped working

My roku express now says I have low power and refuses to let me use it. It's plugged into the same wire it came with which has been the case all along. I haven't moved it, changed wires, or outlets. It's all the same as it had been just suddenly not working. I'm about ready to buy a firestick.  Why would it suddenly stop working? And why is it so hard to get support? 

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Re: Nothing changed but it stopped working


Are you saying you are powering from the included power supply? Not the USB port on a TV, right?

Would you clarify what the situation is. You say it says you have low power. So that means it is on, but a message is on the screen in some way? And you can't dismiss the message? It "not letting you use it", what does that mean? What exactly is going on? Can you not navigate the menu system? Or can you, but apps don't launch?

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