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Reel Rookie

No updates on my tickets for 3 months!


3-4 months ago my roku streaming stick+ started playing up. 10-15 seconds after turning on the tv, it loses audio completely. Sometimes as early as the jumping roku text at the start. So while the text is jumping and playing sound effect it loses audio.

Only solution is to keep restarting the tv. Literally 5-6 times restart and then it keeps audio.

for this issue i raised a ticket no 3941671 end of december. Then the cs gave some guidance for updates, checks etc. But then suddenly they stop correspondence. I sent several chase up emails but no responses. 

then i raised another ticket 4085908 asking for an update on previous one, still it is being ignored.

is there anyone from CS reading this and can chase this up for me.thanks.

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Retired Moderator

Re: No updates on my tickets for 3 months!

Hi @Pierdzioszek,

We appreciate your contact.

I have already escalated this issue to the appropriate team to follow up, rest assured that we'll send the update via email once we have it.


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Reel Rookie

Re: No updates on my tickets for 3 months!

Thanks a lot @RokuMary-F much appreciated. 

looking forward to the update from the team.

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