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No surround sound on my Ultra 4640....

Well, I did searching. I did see the same problem for someone on the same model. But it was from 2018. The last time I had this problem I discovered (on my own) that I had to shut off the volume leveling. And it had worked. Well, the volume leveling still is off and I get no surround sound from my Ultra. I use the optical cable connection. My reciever is probably from 2006 or 2007. It plays SS5.1 and even 7.1 (I have yet to see 7.1 encoding). When it detects the SS signal I get a nice blue LED and a scrolling message that I have SS 5.1. Well, I'm not getting any sound at all, stereo or anything else. I do see there is a light shining through the end of the optical cable. I also tried other inputs on my receiver and the same silent result. I can't run an HDMI pass through on my receiver because it doesn't have that. Only the optical. So does anyone know how to fix this? I too, don't want to have to get a new Roku Ultra or a SS receiver. I don't see any reason why this should work with what I have. I also tried setting the audio to Dolby instead of Auto. That didn't work either.

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