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New Roku Ultra HDCP error

Just bought a Roku Ultra and hooked everything up and seemed fine. When trying to actually play something on any channel, I get the HDCP error. The Roku auto detected my Vizio TV being 1080p and 1.4 HDCP. I tried unplugging and following steps on Roku, changing the display, but still the same error. How do I change the 1.4 to 2.2 like it requests? This is for my fiancé’s bday, and extremely frustrating. 

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Re: New Roku Ultra HDCP error

I just set up my new Ultra. Set it up on the same tv I had my old Roku on. It seems I have to do the hdmi/power cord dance every time! I even bought a new hdmi cable guaranteed for ROKU and hdcp…and I plugged into more than one hdmi port! Very frustrating! This has been going on for years. Why haven’t they fixed the issue?

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