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New Roku Express.Poor quality playback - glitching issue

I bought a Roku Express, faithfully followed set-up instructions yesterday, everything ok. But as soon as I started trying to watch anything (on Netflix, Disney+, itv player, etc…) the sound and playback is glitchy, jumpy, and impossible to watch. I googled it, followed absolutely EVERY tip and suggestion I could find. The wifi connection strength shows as “excellent”, the speed of wifi matches that I’m getting on my laptop, etc. I had clear air between my router and the Roku, but still last night I rush-ordered a wifi extender, arrived this morning and I’ve set it up and plugged it in NEXT TO my tv & Roku. Reset the roku (again) and connected to the new extended network. Started playing a tv show on itv player. It started fine, (perfect image and sound, no glitches, yay!) but then as soon as the first ad break came on, the glitching and playback issues immediately returned. I came out of itv player, straight into Netflix, glitchy playback…. Into Disney+, the same. I’m tearing my hair out, there’s literally nothing else I can try….. PLEASE give me the magic words to make it work properly. I have zero issues with ANYTHING else connected to the wifi -connection is strong, it’s just….. not working. Is this built-in on purpose to make me give up and buy a more expensive Roku model? 

details: brand new Roku express, model 3930X, straight out of box, using cables provided. HDMI connection, in an old Goodmans GTVL26W17HDF. Very clear picture on the Roku home page. On the Network page it shows “Signal Strength: Excellent”, Internet download speed Good (29 mbps). On the “Wireless Secret Screen” I have green Strength (around 35), green Antenna 1, empty Antenna 2, and right now I have a 0 glitch rate, (even though everything is glitching lol), but yesterday this was amber/red at times of viewing, in the low 000’s - this was before I bought the wifi extender. Wifi extender is plugged in directly next to the tv/Roku. Bedroom door is open, and router is in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Anything I missed?

please help, I’m getting desperate to make this work, as I just bought a Roku express and a wifi extender, and right now it feels like I just threw cash in the bin. 😞

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Re: New Roku Express.Poor quality playback - glitching issue

Just curious if you're running your Roku through an AV Receiver.  Some people have had success with their sound cutting out by turning off ARC/CEC and/or HDMI Control in their receiver settings.

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