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Netflix and Prime Video having trouble playing anything

I have been having playback issues with Netflix and Prime Video.  For the past few weeks, Netflix takes too long to scroll it almost freezes and crashes system, it's so slow in response.  And Prime Video also play through a little bit of shows and then just goes back to Roku Home screen.  NEED TO FIX NOW!!  PAYING FOR BS SERVICE FOR SEVERAL MONTHS IS NOT MY IDEA OF CUSTOMER SERVICE.  NEED REIMBURSEMENT FOR MONTHS NOT WORKING PROPERLY

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Roku Guru

Re: Netflix and Prime Video having trouble playing anything

You didnt mention your Roku model # and firmware version: Settings/System/About

1) Restart your Roku:  Settings/System/System restart/Restart

2) Reinstall NetFlix/Prime:

    A) Remove the apps (Highlight the apps, press the Options (*) button on the remote, then Remove)

    B) RESTART the Roku (Settings/System/System restart/Restart) <-- MUST DO THIS HERE!!!

    C) Re-install the apps

(If you dont restart after removal, settings/cached data associated with the app are left behind and it wont be a clean re-install)


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