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Need some help Losing sound Onn Roku tv

I have 43 inch Roku Onn TV

The TV works okay but there's one glaring issue for me

If I pause live TV or a recording, when I try to play again there's no sound

I have reset the TV I have called Onn customer service, and they had me reset the TV I've messed around with the sound settings, put them back to factory default..etc..The only thing I can do to get the sound back is to turn off the TV and turn it back on

It is so annoying

Any help appreciated.

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Roku Guru

Re: Need some help Losing sound Onn Roku tv

You own an Onn Roku TV. Onn is the manufacture so it is best to stick to them. But you have already contacted them. You did not mention which channel is this occurring on. If you are pausing live TV I imagine your using something like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV. Can you provide more details please on how this issue occurs. 

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