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Every time I try opening NBA app I get error “no internet connection”. However I’m able to go on any other app and stream

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Re: NBA App

Sometimes an App/Channel just temporarily has problems and resolves itself.

Only real thing an end-user can do is...

1. Press *button and Update Channel.  Then do a System Restart.

2. Uninstall the Channel.  Do a System Restart.  Reinstall Channel.

3. Contact the developer of the Channel. Unless it is the Roku Channel, all the other Channels are developed and managed by the developer themselves. (usually have their own help/feedback sites)

4. Be patient and see if the issue is resolved on its own by the developer. 

5. See if you can use the Channel on another Roku device if available. 

6. Make sure Roku OS is updated.  Settings..System...System Update..Check Now.  

These are the only real options.  Posting in the forum here is also a good idea to see if others are experiencing a similar problem and if the problem has been resolved.

In your case, try the Channel Update and System Restart first.  No go... Try the Uninstall, System Restart, Reinstall of the Channel.


From the NBA App Channel...

Visit to contact NBA Support if you are experiencing any issues.

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