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My roku is turning on and off

MY Roku tv normally works very well, but i tried to connect a DVD player to it and It had problems. The dvd player would turn on, boot up and show the home screen, then it would immediately turn back off and turn on again, reboot then turn back off. This pattern took no more than 5 seconds. The power cord was secure in the wall and the hdmi cord was connected to the roku tv. I decided to connect the dvd player to my AV receiver, but my AV receiver had the same problem, turning on the off again. Buth of these worked well with my past tvs and my roku has played dvds before and it has also connected to other hdmi devices such as a nintendo switch.


What can i do to fix it

All the other funcoins of my Roku tv work well and are not having this issue, if i go to the home screen these troubles stop


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Re: My roku is turning on and off

You need to be more specific about the make/model of your Roku TV. Roku doesn't manufacture the TVs, they only provide the operating system. Look under Settings/System/About, and find the Roku model number. It's going to be a 3-5 digit number, most likely starting with a letter, then 2 or more numbers, and usually ending in an X. There's also going to be a TV manufacturer's model number, but that's different from the Roku model.


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