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Re: Sacred sounds channel by sunmedia

@Amanda414 and others...

Seems like this occured last year also and was resolved by Channel Developer.  If still affiliated with SunMedia, hopefully @kmikz will join the thread with an update.  Otherwise, all users should contact SunMedia at their email address provided from channel....

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Re: My app Sacred Sounds is not working anymore, please help me with this.

Yes, same here and it's completely frustrating.  I truly love this channel and depend on it functioning for quite a few different meditative reasons.  I also paid a years subscription but seriously would just like the channel to continue to be in working condition.


I have found that if you do have the patience you can find some working sound files.  I have had luck with "Underwater Meditation with Whale Sounds..." I believe within the first category..."Trending?" I'm afraid to exit, that which I am listening to at this moment, to take a look.  You do have to exit entirely and then return to free yourself of the continuous circling eternity ring.

Sending out positive thoughts, vibes...that it will return soon.

Peace, Love and Light to you...

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Re: Sacred Sounds #sacredsounds

I have searched Google for the developer with no luck. Any information on how to contact the developer would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Moderator

Re: Sacred Sounds #sacredsounds

Thanks for posting, @ZshaPooks.

We recommend contacting the channel developer directly to follow-up for more help. They’ll be able to best assist with any issues and functionality inquiries.

You can reach them here: 

We appreciate your patience with this matter!


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Re: Sacred Sounds #sacredsounds

Thank you for everyone for reaching out to us. We had some server trouble and had issues keeping up with demand for a few days. The issues have been resolved and protections have been put in place server wise so this won't hopefully happen again.

We have been receiving a lot of emails from you guys and that shows just how popular this channel has gotten and we are working hard on keeping it alive for you guys that are using it everyday.

Much love from SunMedia team!