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Music but no voice on certain channels

I have a roku ultra and have had it about 2 years.  It has always worked fine or if it stuck I restart to solve the problem.  This one is kind of unique.  It works fine on some apps like Hulu plus live, but netflix, hbomax, and prime all have this issue.  When playing you hear the music and sound effects but voices are practically non existent.  Now this is connected though an very High end onkyo av receiver and it always has been.  No settings have been changed on the receiver or the roku.  I have done power down reboots on my entire system and no luck.  This problem is not an issue on any of my other roku devices.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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Roku Guru

Re: Music but no voice on certain channels

If this Ultra is a 4800 (2020 Ultra), try changing Settings/Audio/Digital output format = passthrough and see if that resolves the issue.

You might also want to make sure you arent applying any surround processing or have enabled audio processing of any kind for your Onkyo AVR as well (at least temporarily).

Otherwise, verify you dont have any Volume leveling enabled:  during playback of any content, press Options (*)/Sound settings/Volume leveling = Off

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Re: Music but no voice on certain channels

I have the exact same issue, tried all the tricks in the book.


its like the "voice"' from movies are gone if its MKV with AC3 5.1 sound.


if I change the receiver to "Stern" I can hear to speaking voices in the move but its not ideal.

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