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Mono signal on all Roku speakers??

 I want to be able to hear the same speech audio from my new Roku smart sound bar and the additional 2 wireless speakers I purchased, all Roku. I have hearing problems and I purchased the Roku wireless speakers specifically to hear the speech audio coming out of both wireless speakers, which are positioned a foot away on the right and left of my chair AND the Roku smart sound bar, which is approximately 20 feet away, under my TV. Now, I do hear the same audio from all 3 speakers when listening/watching network tv and apps like Pluto. However, on Netflix, Prime and Hulu, movies only project speech from the soundbar. On the wireless speakers I only hear the sound effects and background music. QUESTION: Is there a way so that the speech audio will also come out of the rear speakers on movies? Basically a mono signal projection from all 3 speakers???

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Re: Mono signal on all Roku speakers??

I don't have any Roku speakers, but what happens if you change the setting under Settings->Audio->HDMI to "PCM-stereo"?

You may also want to see what's available while watching something under the Audio settings you get when you press the * button on your remote.

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