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Reel Rookie

Model 4200X - loud high pitched beeping

There seems to be no support for this device on ROKU website. This is inexplicable.

This device has started making a loud beeping sound ( beeps about minute or so) while streaming video, for example Netflix. I have tried to search for remedies for this and have not found any answers in ROKU a support or elsewhere. Anybody else has this issue?

I understand the device is about 5-6 years old, but having no support is making me think about ditching ROKU products and moving to another option. What options have folks considered? Before this issue happened I was very sat with ROKU a and would recommend to my friends. But now after trying to resolve this issue and finding no support, it’s hard to recommend the product.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Model 4200X - loud high pitched beeping

I haven't a clue what causes this but a clarification may be a clue that might help others solve the problem.  Where is the loud beep coming from - directly out of the Roku unit, or inserted into the audio stream to the television?

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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Reel Rookie

Re: Model 4200X - loud high pitched beeping

It’s definitely coming from the unit.

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