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Micro-stutter on 4K Content in Netflix

I own a Roku Ultra and a Samsung 4K UHD TV. When I view 4K content on Netflix, there is a micro-stutter in the frame-rate every few minutes. It only happens on Netflix and is very annoying. I've confirmed the video settings on both the Roku and TV. 

Things I've done to troubleshoot:

1) Rebooted Roku 2) Uninstalled and reinstalled Netflix app 3)Turned on auto-detect refresh rate 4) Verified the Roku is detecting 60 FPS, 4K, UHD on my TV.

If anyone has experienced this same issue, could you please let me know how you fixed this?


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Re: Micro-stutter on 4K Content in Netflix


Thanks for the post.

When removing a channel, please make sure to restart the Roku device before adding the channel back again, specifically in that order.

Please keep us posted what you find out.


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Re: Micro-stutter on 4K Content in Netflix

Same issue with a 4k Sony projector. Netflix stuttering in 4k. My old Roku non-4k boxes work fine but not the new Ultra and only on Netflix. I have bought two Ultras to confirm issue and they both do it. Have not found solution yet!  I really don't want to switch to another brand box, but the stuttering is horribly annoying and I mainly watch Netflix.

Re: Micro-stutter on 4K Content in Netflix

Removing and reinstalling the Netflix app doesn't fix it and neither does a factory reset.