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Low volume when streaming 4K content in fuboTV

When I watch a live football program on fuboTV on the Fox 4K channel, the volume is lower than when I watch the same program on Fox's  "non-4K" channel.  I've engaged fuboTV support and they refer me to Roku's "volume mode" settings.  These settings, however, require wireless Roku speakers, which I do not have.  I'm guessing that means there is no fix for my problem?

Thank you for any assistance.

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Re: Low volume when streaming 4K content in fuboTV


Thanks for the post.

For more information about Volume Modes, visit our Support page here: Enable volume modes

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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Re: Low volume when streaming 4K content in fuboTV

Hi Danny,

Volume mode is not available on my TCL P Series TV because I don't have wireless speakers connected.  This is noted in the last line of the table in the "Which devices support volume modes" section of the page you linked. 

Note that there is no volume issue when watching 4K content on YouTube or BritBox.

Thanks for responding.


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