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Low Power Warning , Roku won’t power on.

I have a Roku express. i’ve had it for a while. but here recently all it says in Low power. I’ve tried switching the cables and adapter. ive tried plugging it into a new outlet as well. it just keeps giving me the low power warning. i’m currently using the cable and adapter that came with my roku and it’s plugged directly and it just keeps rebooting itself. 

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Re: Low Power Warning , Roku won’t power on.


That doesn't sound good. It could be that the power supply is bad, or it could be the device itself.

Is that the only Roku you have? If you have a second device, and if it also uses the same power supply, you may be able to swap and see if the device works. That would indicate the power supply is what you'd need, rather than a new Roku device.

A replacement power supply would probably run around $10. A new Roku Express 4K+ is $30, so it may be worth considering simply getting a newer, and better, device, since the Express 4K+ is a much much better device than the Express.

Unless you can confirm it's the power supply, and save $20 by keeping your current device in use for a while longer.

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