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Lost Atmos on all apps (except Plex)


I have a Roku Streaming Stick 4K (3820), Hisense TV and Sonos Beam.

All has been working fine using ARC and every app I use (Netflix/Disney+/Prime/Apple TV/Plex) has been playing Atmos great.

Today I seem to have lost Atmos on all the apps except Plex, Netflix/Disney no longer show the Atmos logo on content, Plex plays Atmos (eac3) fine.

My settings haven't changes and all are on Auto, the Roku says "Availble: Dolby Atmos"

I power cycled everything and turned on in different order but no luck.

Is there anything else I can try? It's frustrating as I know it was working.

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Re: Lost Atmos on all apps (except Plex)

I have the same problem.  It worked fine last month watching the Beatles trilogy on Disney +, now everything is the same but Disney only gets PCM, no surround of any kind.  I have an older 1080 TV, the Roku streaming stick is plugged in to a Denon AVR. Made sure everything has the latest software.   Sad that I bought the Streaming Stick in order to watch Disney content with Atmos.



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Re: Lost Atmos on all apps (except Plex)

@Mookey, what's the software version displayed under Settings->System->About?  While you're there, what's the model number?

Also, make sure you're not using any of the audio modes like leveling or night mode.  Press * while watching a video to check.

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Re: Lost Atmos on all apps (except Plex)

Thanks for responding.

Software version 10.5.1, build 4066-CU

Model 3820 - Streaming stick 4K

Audio modes are off.


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Re: Lost Atmos on all apps (except Plex)


i turned off the levelling mode, restarted the roku device, suddenly in have Atmos.

Thanks for the tip.  Funny how such a small thing can can throw you off.


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Re: Lost Atmos on all apps (except Plex)

Big thanks to this thread, just come across the same issue and be leveling was switched on and stopping.5.1/Atmos from working 👍

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