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Latest software update (11.5) changes video to 1080p

I am having issues with my Ultra 4800X since the 11.5 update it automatically sets my video to 1080p Dolby Vision (says recommended) My system consists of a LG OLED C-series and a Denon X-3500 AV receiver. My only connection is from my (ARC) out from my LG TV to my HDMI in on my Denon via MEDIA PLAYER. I have checked both TV and AV receiver and both software is updated to to receive Dolby Vision and Atmos at 4K HDR @2.2 60fps. I have a (4K, 8K HDMI ) high speed cable from my tv(ARC) to the HDMI in on my receiver. Cable from my ROKU device is also a 4K,8K compatible  2.2 HDMI.  One other note I have 3 other TVs that are only 1080p capable and when checking them is says the best connection (automatic) is 1080p. which is correct. I would like to know what the proper setting for my 4800X ROKU) set with my AVR and TV system is and why it inverts back to 1080p Dolby Vision (automatic recommended) when I check my settings. I have set it to 4KDolby vision and the icon does come up when going to Amazon and or Netflix but each time I turn on my device I have to check the format and it usually says automatic 1080p (recommended) I understand if Netflix or Amazons movie title is not in Dolby Vision 4K then 1080p or HD would automatically send that signal through to my player correct? Does the Roku player automatically change to the correct HDMI signal and if so why does it always revert back to 1080p recommended ? Hope I am not confusing you guys cause I am!

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Re: Latest software update(11.5)


Thanks for the post.

If you connect Roku device directly to the TV and not through the AVR, are you still experiencing the same issue?

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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