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Is the roku express capable of playing livestreams?

Is it possible that the Roku express does not have enough computing power to play back live streams on YouTube?

I have numerous Roku devices, but the roku express appears to be the only one that cannot play back YouTube live streams. I try to play live streams on YouTube, and receive only the spinning dots & the stream never loads.

The YouTube live streams play on my Roku2 and Roku3. I have followed all the update and device restarting instructions in other articles.

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Re: Is the roku express capable of playing livestreams?

I'm having the same issue.

Any live stream just spins on the video, but I can go into the options and the live chat will show.  I even selected to have the lowest video quality and still spins on the video.

Restarted Roku and no change.


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Re: Is the roku express capable of playing livestreams?

I don't have a Roku Express (other than the 4K version), so can't test it specifically. But I do have a Premiere 3920, which has the same processing CPU but more system memory compared to the Express 3900. There's no hardware reason it should not play a live stream, any differently than a stored file. The live stream is using the same technology as the stored file, and depending on the resolution of the stream it isn't sending any higher of a bitrate. 


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Re: Is the roku express capable of playing livestreams?

Experiencing the same issue, YouTube on a Roku Express does not appear to work (stuck on the black loading screen). I was able to get some video to show (though not Live) by setting the video tracker back a minute or so from the "live" point in the stream.

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