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Intermittent screen flashing after 12.0.0 4184-91 update to Roku premiere

I have 2 Rokus and I've failed to find articles/feeds to see if the subject is a known issue. It seems that my devices are '...not eligible for agent for support' [separate issue]

TL;DR - recent update seems to have caused video issues but I need to rollback the update to confirm


1. 3920X Roku Premiere

S/W version 12.0.0 4184-91


2. 3920EU Roku Premiere

S/W version 12.0.0 4184-91

  1. Roku 1 connected via HDMI to Soundbar (Philiips Fidelio B5) HDMI input port 
  2. From there the connection to the HDMI (ARC) port on the TV (Sony Bravia) 

This setup has worked without problems since I bought the 3920X a year ago and I have not made any setup changes to Roku, Soundbar or TV.

Since the latest 4184-91 update applied on the 20th the video (Netflix, Sky News or just the Roku homepage) plays OK for maybe several minutes but then flashes different colours before going to a blank screen and then the picture returns. This issue the repeats every few minutes.

Fault finding:

  1. Checked all cables seated properly
  2. Used different cables - Roku to soundbar and to TV
  3. Swapped the 3920X for the 3920EU
  4. Direct connection to TV, bypassing the soundbar

With the bypass (4) the Roku worked so I assumed it was the soundbar connection. I then connected my MacBook to the soundbar in place of the Roku (MacBook to soundbar, soundbar to TV ARC port. I then mirrored my Mac screen to the TV without problems and then played a movie from the Mac without problems.

I would like to go back to the previous version to 100% confirm that before I try anything else but I can't see a way to do that

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