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Level 7

I get this weird screen after many reboots

After plugging and unplugging all cable and power several times still get screen filled with dozens of horizontal lines of many colors and no picture. Has happened before but reboot as usually fixed it. It’s a Roku 4 and 8 year old Samsung TV.Pic of screen

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Level 7

Re: I get this weird screen after many reboots

The last two Roku sticks I got ( including the newest +4k ) just don't work good with my Modem and wifi. Keeps going off and message says have to reconnect. Roku blames Hulu and Hulu blame Roku. Fixed myself , went back to my older Roku stick and works , " Fine " , again. If that ever breaks down going to change Brands . Spent over $100.00 ( together ) for last two sticks...Grrrrr

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