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Hooking up computer via HDMI stops soundbar from working on TCL Roku TV

I have a game system on HDMI 1, my computer on HDMI 2, and Vizio soundbar on HDMI 3 (ARC). When I plug in my computer, the connection to the soundbar stops working. I'm hooking up the computer via the Display Port to a converter to a 25' HDMI cable. Interestingly enough, if I hook a HDMI cable and just the DP to HDMI converter to the TV (not connected to the computer) I have the same issue. Makes me wonder if it's not the converter that's the issue. As soon as I unplug the computer or DP to HDMI converter, the soundbar works just fine.

I've gone to system and searched for CEC devices. If the computer is plugged in, no devices are found. If I unplug the computer, the TV finds my soundbar just fine.

Anyone else had this issue? Do I need to ditch the converter and just buy an DP - HDMI cable to fix this issue?

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