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HELP! Image has no vertical - All pixels condensed onto horizontal.

The problem is with the Roku app -- not stick. TVs are Samsung and Vizio.

The image is squished into a horizontal line.

Happens w "Alfred Hitchcock", "Sabrina", "Queer as Folk" and others.

Some programs that it's ok for include "The Princess Bride", "Green Acres", and "NBC News Now: Meet the Press Reports".

The stick images seem okay but we prefer the app because it's easier and faster to manage.

Plus our setup disallows the stick to show on the tv in the other room -- the app will transmit to the other room. We'd have to buy a new system ($$) to allow that iff and only if it'd work.

The stick needs to operate w a second remote controller, the Roku one  -- we prefer using one universal controller and cannot program our Samsung universal remote to operate the stick. If you know the code for the Samsung universal remote, pls send it and we'll try that.

And, we already have 2 universal remotes (for 2 ppl) and don't want to have to buy another Roku remote for the stick.

Our universal remote will control the app installed on the Samsung tv.

The above troubleshooting indicates that there's something wrong with the Roku app.
Will Roku fix the problem with the app on their side?

Also, why is the Roku app different than the stick?  We cannot access the menu of stations, etc.

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Re: HELP! Image has no vertical - All pixels condensed onto horizontal.


I'm really unclear about your setup and how you're trying to watch TV. I think you have two separate TVs in two separate rooms, and both have Roku Streaming Stick devices attached. I also think you are using the Roku Channel app on your phone. If so, I'm not clear if you're trying to cast or mirror your phone content to the TV -- casting and mirroring are NOT the same thing -- so I'm not sure where to proceed at this point. Casting actually launches the Roku Channel app on the TV. Mirroring involves your phone screen showing on the TV, regardless of what's on your phone screen.

We'd need to know with some clarity what devices and apps are being used.

About the universal remote for a stick? Nope. Universal remotes are infrared (IR) devices. Sticks don't use IR commands. You need a Roku remote. The Voice Remote is $20, the other two Roku remotes that work are $30. You can find them at Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

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Re: HELP! Image has no vertical - All pixels condensed onto horizontal.

Roku stick directly into one Samsung TV works without squished horizontal image. That signal cannot go to the Vizio TV. The TV has no output to do so.

No phone or mirror imaging.

The Roku app (not stick) is on Samsung DVD/Blu-ray.
I do not see where to load the app on the Samsung TV.

The DVD/Blu Ray signal is fed to a IOGear splitter that sends wireless signals to one Vizio TV and hardwired signal to main Samsung TV.

The app from the Samsung DVD/Blu-Ray has the distorted image on both TVs.
The sound is okay.

Does that make sense?

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Re: HELP! Image has no vertical - All pixels condensed onto horizontal.


When seeking help it's ALWAYS a good idea to include your Roku model, model number, and Roku software version (all available via Roku menu path Settings > System > About), as the advice you need may depend on this information.

You have presented several issues.

"SQUISHED" image via Roku app

There are two available apps from Roku for mobile devices.  Which are you using?

The Roku App which is mainly an auxiliary remote control for use on mobile devices connected to the same local network as the Roku.  This also permits viewing of The Roku Channel via the app via your Roku account.

The Roku Channel App which allows viewing the Roku Channel on your device independently of any Roku account but provides no remote control capabilities for your Roku.

In either case, if it is giving problems, see if deleting and reinstalling the app corrects the problem.


Controlling the Roku Stick via physical remote

Roku Streaming Stick models, if that's what you really have, (lots of people call other non-stick models as "sticks") are typically used behind the tv set where line of sight infrared (IR) remote controls like most universal remotes cannot reach.  Consequently, Roku Streaming Stick models require point anywhere remotes that connect via wwifidirect and can't be controlled via IR universal remotes.


Roku stick for multiple tvs

Any Roku device has only a single output, to feed a single tv.  If you want Roku on multiple tvs you'll need multiple Rokus.

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