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HDCP Error Repeating after fix

Setup & used my Roku Express HD first day w/o any problems.  Came back a week later and started getting the HDCP error only when starting my local cable app.  I hear the audio fine, but don't see picture due to error message.  I've only seen this error when connecting to spectrum app.  I tried the Roku suggestion to fix it, and it works but next time I start it up the error returns.  Any sugestions, tried different HDMi cables, but no difference.  Also, just unplugged power to the roku device, and that works, but would like to use it w/o unplugging it every time I want to use it.




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Re: HDCP Error Repeating after fix

Are you using the supplied power adapter or your TV's USB port?  If you're using one, try the other, but the supplied power adapter is recommended.

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Re: HDCP Error Repeating after fix

I have had the same issue. To fix, I unplug the power cord to the Roku Power Cube and replug it in. I have changed the power cord, switched from the recommended power cube to another cube. I never have to adjust the cord from the Roku to the TV. I get audio, but no picture. But every time I have turned it on the "first time", I get the error message. Unplug/replug fixes it. The only thing I haven't switched is the Roku box itself. Thoughts?