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Reel Rookie

HDCP Error Is Becoming the Bane of My Existence

Yes, I have unplugged, powered off, reattached cords, gone from USB power to wall power, tried changing the ports, tried cycling through the ports on my remote to help the roku and tv "handshake" better, I've even done the hokey pokey and turned myself about, but NOTHING IS WORKING! This is the second post I've written about this (the first post only garnered a link to the "support instructions." )

Im really hoping someone at Roku can update the software or otherwise vanquish these gremlins before I am forced to find a new streaming device.

I'm using a 3930RW

Software version 10.0.0 Build 4209-AE.

Seriously, this has gone on long enough. 

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Roku Guru

Re: HDCP Error Is Becoming the Bane of My Existence

You didnt mention the TV brand/model/firmware version.

However, HDCP issues/errors have long plagued RokuOS firmware updates.


1) Manually configuring display:  Settings/Display type=720p or 1080p TV (dont use auto) - try again

2) Manually configure audio:  Settings/Audio/HDMI=PCM stereo - try again

3) Unplug all devices from AC power for 10-15 minutes, then power them on fully in the following order:  AVR/soundbar, TV, Roku/etc. - try again

4)  Contact Roku support: 

 chat or email:       (choose setup/ultra/other/need more help?)

5) Leave a blistering review of your Roku 3930 HDCP experience somewhere, and buy another platform (Fire TV, Android TV, etc).

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Re: HDCP Error Is Becoming the Bane of My Existence

I hear you. I have a new (less than 6 months) ROKU setup. This happened twice before and I followed the steps and it worked perfectly. Now, I've gone through the steps 3 times tonight and nothing. This happened about a week after I signed up for HULU Live. I am SICK of this. I do not want to go back to cable, and I'm a tech-savvy widow on a fixed income, so I can't afford all new stuff. 

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Roku Guru

Re: HDCP Error Is Becoming the Bane of My Existence


You didnt mention your Roku model # and firmware version: Settings/System/About

You also havent really stated what issue you are having - the OP involves HDCP errors, but your post mentions Hulu Live.

If you are getting HDCP errors too, there are troubleshooting steps other than the ones previously listed:

1) Try a different HDMI cable

2) Try a different HDMI port

3) Try a different TV

4) Disable framerate matching:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/aAdvanced display settings/Auto adjust display refresh rate=disabled

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