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Roku Guru

Re: HDCP Error After Trying Multiple Different Suggestions

You said in another post you have a Roku TV.  But this is not the case. You have 2 Roku Expresses correct? A Roku TV is a TV with the Roku operating system built in. The Roku Expresses you are using only support 2.4GHz WiFI. Please try this.

Here are the settings for 2.4ghz to try (probably won't help in your situation, but worth a shot)


1. Radio is On/Enabled
2. SSID (network name) is On/Broadcasting
3. Network Mode/Protocol is set to b/g/n or b/g/n(Mixed Mode)
4. Bandwidth/Channel Width is set to 20mhz
5. Wireless Channel is set between 1 and 11 (preferably 1, 6 , or 11). Channels 12 and 13 are disabled through Roku Software, so manually setting a Channel will help mitigate issues caused by Auto Setting.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra - Error 20 since 11/17/21 OS update

fyi,  I have the same Roku Ultra 2020.   4800  

I often see that error in YouTube app during some of the commercials, especially when the device has just woken from sleep.    When the actual video starts the error will go away.     To me the Roku device is way too trigger happy on this error.     I have the same setup for Google Chromcast TV,  a Fire Cube and Fire Stick 4K with no such errors.   Definitely this is a Roku Ultra issue.   Incidentally I never saw the error on the older Roku Stick+ 3810.

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