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Gremlins in the screen reader

i have read the many posts concerning the gremlins in the roku screen reader (the disembodied voice that describes the screen action and sometimes gets in the way of the audio dialogue).  i wonder why roku won't fix this.  it's nice that so many volunteers have posted the little information available but this information is incomplete.  to all the helpful volunteers: do not post the usual solution offered for this problem (hit the * four times or go to home and hit * four times).  roku needs to fix this problem.  i have never enabled the screen reader but sometimes the gremlins make the screen reader talk even though the setting says that the screen reader is disabled.  this has happened to me several times over the past year after several years of roku use where the screen reader did not have gremlins.  the problem starts and when i use the various solutions sometimes the screen reader stops talking and sometimes the screen reader does not stop talking.  we need a solution that works every time and that keeps the screen reader quiet when it is set to disabled.  i have had the problem with hbomax, britbox, and pbs passport.  all of those channels say it is a roku problem.  eventually, the problem goes away either on its own or when i do the disable dance routine with the remote.  come on roku, what do you say?  this problem is giving you a black eye.

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