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Reel Rookie

For Sony TVs (with Motionflow feature) users


After a while of using my Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810X) on the Sony X720E TV, I realized:

Among the apps I use, the Netflix and Disney+ apps don't work correctly with Sony's image processing, to be more easily observed, more specifically I'm talking about the image smoothing feature, known as Motionflow XR 240 (present on many Sony TVs) .

In other apps I use, the aforementioned feature works perfectly, such as Prime Video, HBO Max, Youtube, Apple TV.

I really like your device, that's why I felt motivated to create an account here, write the translated text from Portuguese-BR to English, and help the Roku team to identify this little problem that might be going unnoticed.

Greetings from Brazil!


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Roku Guru

Re: For Sony TVs (with Motionflow feature) users

This is perhaps what one can call a combination/configuration nuance issue - the issue is exposed/distorted by image processing in your TV in conjunction with framerate locked apps on the Roku with certain content.

To be clear, Roku intentionally framerate locked certain apps which creates certain occasional/minor cadence issues depending on the Roku model (hardware SoC) and the framerate (24.000fps vs 23.976fps) of the content itself - this is then exacerbated/exaggerated/distorted by the image processing of the TV/AVR/Soundbar.

The solution to any TV's image processing feature(s) creating content cadence problems is to turn off the image processing.

You might also consider toggling the "Auto adjust display refresh rate" setting:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Advanced display settings on/off to in conjunction with your TV's image processing settings.

Meanwhile you can contact Roku CS directly to complain about the framerate locked apps (Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc) and  to ask for more granular user-control of such features/functionality:

chat/email/phone:     (choose setup/ultra/other/need more help?)

Also consider suggesting user control over framerate locking apps:

Reel Rookie

Re: For Sony TVs (with Motionflow feature) users

I really appreciate the attention and speed in the response, but I was a little sad for the somewhat standard response, I believe the situation is more specific. From what I understand the solution cannot be proposed to the Roku development team, and it ends here in a shower of unsolved information, such apps will continue with the problem.

I have already opened a "call" in my country's Roku support service (Ticket # 4541590), but so far only shallow answers.

I know the demand from uninformed users with obvious issues must be high, but I don't do that, I do tests and research well before looking for service and technical support.

It's not a codec or image parameter compatibility issue between the app (Netflix or Disney+) and the TV, to prove it: if you search well, you'll see that this TV has Netflix in its factory system, and the image smoothing feature works perfectly in it.

But anyway, as I said, I'm very grateful, I didn't know the "Auto adjust display refresh rate" setting, and now I believe that the Roku device doesn't interfere with smoothing either, it doesn't solve it, but the image is "flowing" original from production, right?


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Roku Guru

Re: For Sony TVs (with Motionflow feature) users

There was nothing "standard" about the response - it was entirely created just for your post, and I highly doubt you will find a Roku employee or too many other "Experts" or "users" that would even give that to you here on these support boards.

Your understanding is incorrect - a solution CAN be proposed to the Roku firmware engineering and development team. I stated what the issue stems from, and some workarounds/solutions you can attempt/do, and to contact Roku CS to suggest better changes/solutions at a firmware design/app control level.  That why i gave you the link to Roku CS etc.

I never suggested it was a "codec" or "image paremeter" issue per se - I stated it was an issue with certain (framerate locked) apps, certain content depending on its framerate, certain hardware SoC/Roku models, and certain TV image enhancement settings.

NetFlix is an app on the device - it isnt more or less "part of the firmware" than any other app, uses model-specific builds and receives occasional updates, just like every other app/"hidden" middleware module - it may get some "preferential treatment" when it comes to firmware design and distribution, but you can also say that about YouTube/YouTube TV, or Apple Airplay.

It isn't so much that Roku "interferes with smoothing" (TV image enhancement) but more that Roku locks certain apps' framerates (to 60fps) - probably to avoid consumer complaints about "black flashing" moving around the apps' UIs as the HDMI handshake occurs for different 24.000fps vs 23.976fps  vs 25.000fps, vs etcfps content being previewed/played.

This then causes the perhaps "minor" cadence issues to become very distorted/exaggerated/obvious by the video image processing functionality in TVs when enabled ("MotionFlow" "TrueMotion" "RealCinema", etc etc - the manufacturer's all have trade names for similar processing techniques).

As I said, this is a complicated nuance combination issue - the original fps of the content, coupled with apps being framerate locked, coupled with specific different hardware SoCs used in different Roku models, coupled with TV's image processing settings.

You're welcome, but I suggest you re-read my response to you, perhaps use a different translator this time.

Reel Rookie

Re: For Sony TVs (with Motionflow feature) users


sorry for my bad english, and my bad interpretation…

Triste foi só ter que escutar da empresa que o consumidor precisa aprender a língua deles pra que não haja interpretação ruim, ou que procure um tradutor adequado, é bom lembrar que eu trouxe o problema aqui porque GOSTEI do dispositivo e quis AJUDAR a INDENTIFICAR esse problema, para que SEUS CLIENTES estejam plenamente satisfeitos com essa ferramenta que TANTO GOSTEI.  Não iniciei o tópico difamando seus produtos ou serviços, ó caríssima equipe Roku.

Infelizmente vocês não possuem atendimento adequado ao consumidor (com uma comunidade lotada de usuários experts com plataforma multi idioma para as nações que consomem seus produtos)… É anti ético sugerir isso ao cliente de uma maneira tão pejorativa: carregada de termos técnicos avançados sem uma conclusão de que o problema seria repassado para área responsável, esperando que o mesmo entenda tudo que disse, e em seguida não replique quererendo saber se vocês estariam entendendo o que estou trazendo aqui. Isso pode ter sido resposta a má interpretação do meu inglês ruim, o peço desculpas novamente por isso… mas ok, você (atendente misterioso sem nome) nem precisa dizer nada a respeito, pois já está perdoado heh.

Em meio ao inconveniente, ainda parece que alcancei meu objetivo*. Logo, espero que use um bom tradutor e não me interprete mal.

(*)Tendo eu agora entendido que o problema foi passado para a equipe de engenheiros/desenvolvedores, fico agradecido pela atenção e estarei dando como solucionado este tópico.


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