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Reel Rookie

Failed to load content and other issues

We are at a Hawaii timeshare and successfully connected our Roku stick to the internet, however, we are unable to connect to Netflix.  It states "Netflix has encountered an error. .. Code NW-4-8"

Called the internet provider and rep confirmed that the Rofu is connected with good reception.  He suggested that we try to connect to Netflix from our Tablet and we had no issue.  As such, he stated that it was likely a problem with the Roku.

On the Roku Stick, we also cannot assess the Roku Channel, Add Channels, and other features.  It states "fail to load content" for all these features.   When I use the " * " option on the Netflix app, I do NOT get the option to delete the app.  I only get the following message -  "Not connected to the internet".  But when I check the connection on the Roku Stick, it is connected with good strength.

I have unplugged the Roku Stick several times and restarted it several times.  I am NOT able to update the software - Error 003.  But last update was on Nov 11, 2022 - so only 2 months ago.

When I hit "home" 5 times followed by "back" 5 times quickly, the issue ID is 77-421-602.  

Please help me resolve this issue.

Roku Info follows:

  • Model: 3800X
  • Serial #: YF008P760177 (CT38C8760177)
  • Software Version: 11.5.0 • build 4233-55
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Re: Failed to load content and other issues

Hello @Jwerking

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Does the issue only occur on a specific channel or across other channels installed on your Roku device?

If you haven't tried it yet, you can remove the affected channel and then re-install it. To ensure the process is successful, restart your device before adding the channel back in. We would recommend doing this from the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > Power (If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step.) > System restart.

For detailed instructions, refer to this Support link: How do I resolve channel playback issues?

Let us know how it goes!


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Reel Rookie

Re: Failed to load content and other issues

As previously stated, I am NOT able to remove the Netflix app (remove option does not appear in drop down menu with  * ) OR add any new channels (failed to load content).

Have restarted the Roku about 10 times without correction of any of the problems.  Clearly unfixable Roku issue.  


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Re: Failed to load content and other issues


Are Netflix and Roku Channel the only two affected channels/apps you are having an issue with?

The 003 error (update error) is usually an internet error message since the update server is unreachable. (Roku is not detecting an internet connection).

If you are able to stream from other channels/apps with the Roku device then the Roku device is clearly connected to internet and the Roku servers (or at least the servers being used for Roku Channel and Netflix) are not detecting an internet connection or do not like how you are trying to access the server.


Need to determine if the Roku device is actually connecting to the internet (versus merely connecting to the network).  Try connecting the Roku device to a mobile hotspot (if available to you) and see if you can connect and stream.  If so, then need to look at a router/network setting.

Feel free to post back with router model number and ISP (internet service provider).  The culprit could be anything from using an incompatible wireless channel, having a setting that is blocking the MAC address of your device, a setting in an ISP app that is inadvertently "paused", to having a password issue.

Providing the router model number will at least tell us what settings to look for to make some recommendations to you.


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