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Extra warm, high contrast picture occurs occasionally when switching inputs on Sharp Roku TV

Posting here because it appears to be a software issue. I have two HDMI inputs in use: one connected to a laptop, and the other to a PS5. About 75% of the time, switching between these inputs causes the picture to be distorted - the contrast increases so much that skin tones don't look real, details are lost, and dark images are too dark. There image also looks a bit too warm. This happens ONLY when using these inputs, the Roku home page always looks normal.

The fix is to go to Roku home, head to settings for each input, switch to the input from there (the settings page tells you to manage the picture settings while in the input) and then the image is back to normal until I inevitably need to switch to a new input where it'll happen again. What's going on? This doesn't happen when using any of the apps straight from Roku on the TV, only when using an HDMI input.

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Re: Extra warm, high contrast picture occurs occasionally when switching inputs on Sharp Roku TV


You didnt mention your Roku TV model # or firmware version:  Settings/System/About

It may very well be a firmware issue, and/or there may need to be some configuration of the HDMI port settings on the Roku or the HDMI output settings on the Laptop and/or PS5.

The laptop is likely outputting RGB 4:4:4 - see if setting the PS5 to RGB 4:4:4 as well "fixes" this - try setting each to the same chroma/subsampling (RGB, YUV, YCbCr).

Its possible each HDMI port is using a different set of Picture Settings (most modern TVs allow this, including Roku TVs), especially considering you have a game console (PS5), or that the picture settings for one or both ports are corrupted - you might try disabling "Dynamic Contrast" on one or both of them, or resetting them

Otherwise, there may be other settings you can adjust in your Roku TV, such as HDMI port/mode settings, or the previously mentioned Picture Settings (including Expert Picture Settings - notice the ColorSpace Setting output for SDR and HDR).

In case you dont have a copy:

OS11 User Guide:

Expert Picture Settings: