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Element TV Roku; Disney Plus; Redbox app Low Volume Audio

Hi there,

I have an Element 70 inch Roku TV, using the default settings for everything. I have noticed low volume with watching various content (ie Iron Man) on the Disney Plus app. The volume seems to hit some limit even if I turn the volume level up to 100. I have noticed the same behavior with the redbox App watching the movie Intersteller (on demand in HD).

I have tried watching Iron Man on disney plus and Intersteller on redbox using an Apple TV (4th gen, connected through HDMI through the TV), which provides a much better volume even on a low volume setting (5-7 level out of 100). I see others, in the Roku community, have mentioned using a different streaming device connected to their roku TV also provides better audio function. I have also seen a mention that others have had this issue with stand alone roku streaming devices.

Also for reference, watching content on the Roku Netflix app (the HD streaming tier - not 4k streaming tier) and the Roku Amazon prime, has audio levels that are similar to the Apple TV (4th gen) Netflix and Amazon Prime ap

Should I expect there to be a future Roku update to provide better audio for the various apps that provide low volume?



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