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Dolby issues with brand new Express 4k Plus

I just bought a brand new Express 4k Plus and it is updated to the latest 10.5 OS. I am seeing that Dolby audio isn't working the same way as on my other Roku devices. I go in and set both audio settings to Dolby and try to play a movie in Plex or watch OTA in Plex that I know has AC3/Dolby audio and my TV doesn't change the sound mode to Dolby Digital and I get no audio. If I change the streaming audio setting I do get audio but the TV stays as PCM and I am getting audio because the server is transcoding it. In contrast, I brought my older model Express HD in here and hooked it up and it works as expected. When all settings are set to Dolby on the Roku the TV recognized it and changes over to Dolby. The one difference I see in settings is that the older Express HD has an additional Audio Mode that is set to Auto(DD). This setting does not exist on the brand new Express 4k Plus. I know this was never a problem with my Roku Premiere either. What gives? Am I going to have to return this thing?

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