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Does it matter what Roku model you have?

Hi there,

My mom has a Roku Express HD and the software is up-to-date.  She has the second highest tier of Spectrum cable for internet.  She loves Chicago PD and has been watching it on Peacock.  Each time she watches an episode there is some buffering.  If we got her a new Roku Ultra would this improve her viewing?  We don't seem to have any trouble when watching shows on HBO or Amazon.  Is the free tier of Peacock not as reliable or would she need to upgrade to the highest Spectrum tier?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Many thanks!

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Roku Guru

Re: Does it matter what Roku model you have?

Short answer - Yes, it can/does matter (depending).

"Roku Express HD" and "software up to date" and "second highest tier of Spectrum" arent specific enough, especially when seeking technical help/recommendations.

Use Settings/System/About to post the Roku model # and software version.

You likely have a 3900 or 3930 model (these are 2.4Ghz only with no wired/ethernet option)

Most of the streaming services use 3-5Mbps for SD/HD content, and 7-16Mbps for 4K, and even 25-120Mbps for 4K HDR Live sports/events.

Buffering is almost always a network bandwidth/stability issue (either within your home network, or on the internet).    However, it all depends on the specific source (unknown) of the buffering.

If the current 2.4Ghz channel/settings is the problem, the manually configuring the Channel to 1/6/11 and the bandwidth to 20Mhz may solve it.

If 2.4Ghz is the source, then switching to 5Ghz might solve it - the $30 Express 4K+ with dual-band WiFi, or the $80 Ultra with dual band WiFi would solve that.

If the WiFi connection (either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) is the source of bandwidth constraint/instability, then switching to a wired connection would solve it - the $30 Express 4K+ with USB>Ethernet adapter, or the $80 Ultra w/Ethernet would solve that.

If the modem/router/gateway or the internet connection itself is misconfigured/unstable, these would have to be addressed to Spectrum (assuming you are using their provided equipment).

Overall, knowing nothing else, I'd recommend getting either:

1) $80 Ultra (4800)

2) $30 Express 4K+ (3941) and a USB>Ethernet adapter 

3) Try the 5Ghz WiFi first, and if it still buffers, use a wired/Ethernet connection.