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Closed captions stopped on specific channel

Closed captions have stopped as of 2/11/21 on the This Old House Live TV on the Roku Channel. Does anyone know a solution to fix this? I have tried turning captions on and off and restarting the Roku with no success. Captioning works normally on all other channels I have tried.

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Re: Closed captions stopped on specific channel

You know, I think I remember this happening when This Old House was over on the Xumo Channel on the Live TV.  I don't this is resolved in any of the settings available to the user. (toggling closed captions settings, or at least any I have found). I think it is the programming.  A lot of times I come across a series, and some of the episodes have closed captioning, another episode won't, and then the very next episode will.  I can't explain it.

Maybe @StreamerUser .

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Re: Closed captions stopped on specific channel

Unfortunately this behavior can and does happen from time to time due to either client app updates or server content provisioning flag errors, and there isnt much the user can do about it, aside from what you've already done (verified CC settings=on, restarted) and informing the content provider (Roku in this case).

A quick test of TOH Live on TRC displayed CC for me.  I also installed/checked the Xumo app and an ep of TOH there, CC displayed as well.

Since the Xumo app carries TOH (as do several other apps), you always use it to watch as well (or use the Search function to find eps/apps that carry it).

You also mentioned "this specific channel" but you only mentioned one specific show on it - did you test other content on TRC? (both Live shows, and on demand content)?

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