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Channel Guide Is Confused

I am having a problem with my tv set. I live in Florida. My set is a TCL Roku 40FS3800 which I purchased in November 2016.

The problem is that with my catv coax cable screwed into the set, the channel guide displays incorrectly. I will show the local antenna channels where the cable channels should be. But where there is no local OTA channel, then the guide DOES CORRECTLY list the catv channel.

The "correct" channels on my catv service SHOULD be:

52-1 Fxx
56-1 Oxygen
56-2 WE
56-3 Pop
65-1 DIY
65-3 NewsMax

However when I scroll through the channel guide this is what is listed, the local channel I would get from OTA antenna:

52-1 TBN
56-1 Ion
56-2 qubo
56-3 Ion+
65-1 MyTV
65-3 Heros & Icons

If I select one of them, I get the catv channel, not the incorrectly listed OTA channel. When I scroll through the channel guide, I see the wrong channels making the channel guide worthless.

I had the Spectrum guy here. He looked at it and said that the channel guide is generated by the TV, not by the cable system. He told me it was a setting with my TV. I contacted Roku and they agreed with him. But they can't fix it. They told me that the channel guide is received from the internet and they can't change it.

Things were fine until last week when our condo got new catv and wifi service and I had to re-scan the channels. This new system is a "hospitality package" from Spectrum. It is HD digital TV with no set-top box. It comes in direct via coax from the main condo office. It is exactly like TV service you would get in a hotel.

I am concerned that even if I buy a new TV set, this same problem will come up. I don't THINK the TV is broken, but I don't want to risk the cost of a new TV to find out.

Yes, I did all of the TV trouble shooting. I did 2 full factory restores. I ensured my zip code was correct. I tried connecting to my phone as a hot spot rather than the condo wifi, and several other things the Roku rep had me go through.

I am HOPING that someone here might see and recognize this problem. Is it something that I can fix? Would a new TV have the exact same issue? Should I consider buying a separate TV converter box?

Thank you for your assistance. i am sorry if I was long winded. If you need more info, please ask.

Thank you

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Reel Rookie

Re: Channel Guide Is Confused

Apparently, Roku does not give a **bleep**.  Once you have paid them for the **bleep** TV, you are on your own.  The fact that Roku provided no answer in 6 months really tells me all I need to know about my **bleep** TV.

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Streaming Star

Re: Channel Guide Is Confused

Same problem.  I also have a similar hotel hospitality package that doesn't align with the local guide

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