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Can I get 5.1 surround out of a roku streambar pro?

Hello, I currently own a Dayton DTA-PRO amp/dac and a Pioneer VSX-LX303 receiver. I'm wondering if I can get both to work together with a Roku streambar pro. I have my DTA-PRO hooked up to 2 Yamaha speakers via speaker wire, and a subwoofer via subwoofer cable. Then I have my VSX-LX303 hooked up to 2 Polk Audio floor standing speakers and a Polk Audio center channel speaker. I have a optical audio splitter that I'm using as well. The optical out on my Vizio M43Q6-J04 TV is going to the in port on the optical splitter. Then there is 2 out ports on the splitter. One of the out ports is connected to my DTA-PRO and the other is going to my VSX-LX303 receiver. I have the HDMI out going to my Vizio M43Q6-J04 TV. Then the HDMI in is connected to my Roku Ultra LT. The problem is when I play any show on any app, the sound is somewhat distorted and sounds a little different between the DTA-PRO and the VSX-LX303. This is why I'm thinking about getting the Roku streambar pro because it has an optical port and the Roku Ultra LT does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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Re: Can I get 5.1 surround out of a roku streambar pro?


The Optical port on the StreamBar Pro is input only, so you wont gain anything over the Ultra LT if you are expecting to use its Optical port as an output port (since its input only) - 5.1 digital output is limited to the HDMI output only.

The StreamBar Pro itself is limited to 2.0 output via its speakers (and Virtual Surround), but you can add the Roku Wireless Bass or Roku Bass Pro subwoofers and two sets of Roku Wireless Speakers for a 5.1  configuration directly from the StreamBar Pro.

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