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Can Dolby Vision be Impacted by App, Streaming Service, or Internet Connection?

I have a Roku Ultra 4800R with Dolby Vision capability.  My LG TV also has Dolby Vision capability.   When my TV goes into Dolby Vision mode, a Dolby Vision message displays briefly on my screen.  Generally, the Dolby Vision message displays at the beginning of a streaming video.  However,  I noticed on a few YouTube and YouTube TV videos, that during the middle of the stream, the Dolby Vision mode message appears and the audio briefly cuts out.  I am assuming the audio cuts out because of the transition to Dolby Vision mode on the stream, but you can correct me if I am wrong.   I do have a Sony 4K Blu-ray disc player with Dolby Vision capability, but none of my 4K Blu-ray discs have Dolby Vision.  Some 4K discs have HDR.  When I play an HDR capable 4K disc, the HDR mode message displays at the beginning of the movie studio logo and beginning of the movie.  Therefore, I do not believe the problem is with my TV.  I also recently factory resetted my Roku Ultra to start fresh and checked to make sure the streaming apps were updated so I am pretty sure the issue is not with the Roku Ultra itself.  This leads me to suspect that the problem may be with the apps, the streaming service provider, my internet connection anywhere between my house and the streaming service provider, or my WiFi signal strength (I have not had any other noticeable internet issues, so I don't think it is a hardware problem with my wifi router or modem.  My question is, can the items that I listed as suspect impact whether or not Dolby Vision mode is enabled during a stream?


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Re: Can Dolby Vision be Impacted by App, Streaming Service, or Internet Connection?

I have the same issue inHave a VIZIO with HDR and Dolby Vision. Both Roku Ultra and AppleTV when setup as Dolby Vision will have issue especially with YouTube. Every several minutes the video goes black with no audio for about a second or two. The issue doesn’t happen when using other Apps like ESPN or Paramount. It doesn’t happen with Hulu. Netflix etc. only with YouTube. My guess it is that the app is not setup for Dolby Vision and it keeps trying to shift maybe from HDR to Dolby Vision. 

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