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Reel Rookie

Buffering during Recorded Shows - PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE

I am so annoyed.

I use the Roku Ultra to play my ATT TV NOW app through my 4K LG Television Set.  When I playback recorded shows, my shows buffer around 30 minutes in of a 60 minutes show.  And it buffers often 5+ times after the 30 minutes threshold.  So annoying.  And sometimes it turns off or rewinds to the beginning of the show.

And this same buffering occurs when I try to fast forward through a commercial; when I release the fast forward button, it buffers immediately and behaves as described above.

NOTE:  I have been working with ATT for the past 5 months on this issue and for the past 2 months with Roku support to NO AVAIL.  Why is it that no one seems to know what to do?

Can anyone help me out.

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Re: Buffering during Recorded Shows - PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE


Thanks for the post.

Typically buffering issues are related to internet connectivity. How are you connected to your network? Are you using a wired ethernet connection, or are you connected wirelessly? Have you tried rebooting your wireless network as well as changing the channel that your network is using to see if that resolves the issue you are experiencing?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Buffering during Recorded Shows - PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE

Yes, I have tried the wired connection, but it still buffers.  So I am wondering if my connections are wrong.  What should my connections be:  For example,

My Roku is plugged into my router via an Ethernet and to the TV using the HDMI 2.0 cable.

My TV is plugged into the router via the LAN connection and there is an optical audio plugged into my Bose sound system.

My Modem is plugged into the router as well.

I have set both my TV and my Roku to Wired, and yet I get regular buffers.  It seem to me like we have too many connections.  In the past I could wire my Roku to be wired and wireless.  I can't seem to do that.

Nevertheless I still have buffering issues constantly on recorded shows beyond 30 minutes, so it seems.


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Re: Buffering during Recorded Shows - PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE

Having the same buffering issues with the Ultra and the newest Roku Smart Soundbar (9101x) while viewing recordings on ATT TV Now.  This does not happen while using the Apple TV 4K.  Love the soundbar but need it not to buffer the recordings. 

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