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Reel Rookie

Blue "all" appears in the upper left corner of the TV screen

There is a blue word "all" appearing in the upper left corner of our Roku channel.

The word appears for about 5 seconds when we watch Stargate SG1 then disappears.

Also, we have two black bars on either side of the screen when watching the show. That didn't used to happen. We don't know what happened. 

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Re: Blue "all" appears in the upper left corner of the TV screen


When I pulled up Stargate SG1, I watched on Amazon Prime Video and Pluto.  On Amazon Prime, I received the black bars.  On PlutoTV, I did not receive the black bars.  Tried in both 720p and 1080p Standard Mode.

On Prime Video, I did not see "All", but I did see 13+ (as in a rating for violence and language) in upper left.

On my TV remote (Mitsubishi), not my Roku remote, I pressed my Format button and put the aspect into Wide Expand mode to remove bars seen on Prime Video. Perhaps look for a similar button on your TV remote. (sometimes Picture, Aspect, or the like).


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Re: Blue "all" appears in the upper left corner of the TV screen

SG-1 was made during those confusing transition years and was shot and edited for both 16:9 and 4:3 so you can find it either way without the picture being distorted.  Often you find early years as 4:3 though I think even the early years were available as 16:9 as well.  You can also see some limitations of 16mm film that was used in early seasons.