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Level 7

BUG: BBC iPlayer UltraHD content - color space error - 4K Ultra

Model: 3820EU - Streaming Stick 4K

SW Version: 10.5.1 - build 4066-CU



Display setting: 4K HDR HDCP2.2


App: BBC iPlayer

Version 1.0 - build 91000031



On any BBC 4K HDR content, the colours are blown completely i.e. massively over-saturated. Makes the app unusable, and the Roku stick, well, not very useful.

Reproduce by playing any UHD content from the iPlayer App, particularly Green Planet, or the Ultra-HD test loop.


It looks exactly like the HEVC-4K-HDR problem where the Roku stick forces a BT.2020 colour space inappropriately when BT.709 is specifically flagged ref: HEVC 4K HDR colour problem  so I suspect it has a similar root-cause.

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Level 7

Re: BUG: BBC iPlayer UltraHD content - color space error - 4K Ultra

I noticed the same issue today, the saturation is so high that bright scenes are largely white. I hope there is a fix for this soon.

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