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Audio stream from Roku 4670X is only in stereo into my Denon AVR

This had been not working then working (had DD+ & Atmos coming through) Was on 10.5 then up/down graded to 10.0,0 build 4209-46. Not sure on the timing but I think it didn't work on 10.5, started working on the down grade to 10.0, and this evening its output is stereo again to the AVR. Restarts and power cycling are of no help. Is this a known issue? Or do I have a Roku hardware problem?

In case anyone was wondering the 4670x is in Auto mode and correctly identifies my AVR as having full capabilities. Input from my DVD player plays the correct sound field.  All streamed movies deliver 2 channels only! If this is not hardware then that roll back did not fix anything for me.

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