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Audio lag on Roku 4k stick, Roku Express 4k, on a RokuTV

Hello all. 

I am having audio lag when using a Roku 4k stick and a Roku Express 4k.  I have bought both and each separately had audio lag start to occur.  This is plugged into a TCL 55S425 55 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV.

Why am I getting a external Roku device when I have a Roku TV?  Because the Roku TV wireless receiver is not adequate for my home media 4k streaming on my Plex server.

Both the Roku 4k stick and Roku Express 4k have a better Wifi receiver and can handle the higher bitrate for my 4k movies.


After using the Roku 4k stick (3820x)or Roku Express 4k (3941x) devices movies develop audio lag.  This is true not only when using the Plex App but when using Netflix and Prime.

I've tried factory resets of the TV and of each device.  Updating to latest software on each.  Turning Audio Leveling to Off.  Power cycling.

Something is wrong with the latest Roku devices and I'd like to know if this will ever be addressed or even acknowledged. 

Thank you.

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Re: Audio lag on Roku 4k stick, Roku Express 4k, on a RokuTV


Thanks for the post.

Are there any external audio products being used in your home setup? Have you tried changing your wireless network channel to see if that helps the issue you are experiencing?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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