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Audio blip on playback of all content on new Ultra

Howdy. Switching from a Roku 4 to a Roku Ultra in our main media room.  Already have an Ultra set up in the gym, works fine on a Sony 60 inch LED set.  On the media room set-up, with a 4K 2016 Samsung 88 inch curved screen set, everything also went smoothly, except when setting up the remote.  The system asked whether I could hear sound (which I could) and then asked whether the sound had stopped, which it had not.  I was given the option to continue remote set-up, which I took.  Now, however, on all content, I get brief but definite audio blips/drop-outs every few seconds, making everything basically unwatchable.  Video is fine.  Any ideas?  Settings don't seem to allow me to address the issue, from what I can see....