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Audio and video don't always sync.

I have a Roku Streaming + Stick. We set it up and were thrilled! We've had it about two months. Then as we tried new shows, sometime the video gets ahead of the audio. It takes about 3-5 minutes until it is so out of sync, it is annoying. Pausing lets the audio catch up and then we're fine - for another 3-5 minutes!


It is not one specific service. Example: Netflix - West Wing is fine - we are well into season 2 with no issues, Social and Dirty Money was not. YouTube - Everything has worked that we play. Peacock: Amber Ruffin show did not work at all - we've watched 3 episodes and the syncing was off. We have not tried Suits on Peacock yet but hopes that works. Local ABC is fine. Weather Nation is fine.


Our Internet speed is good - we have 150 mbps service and it tests well in the room with the TV. We have a mesh router network plus an internet extender with the node in the room with the TV. (We forgot to take out the extender when we set up the mesh network and if we do, the network comes down so we left it in).


Any ideas on how to solve this would be helpful. It is very annoying to have to pause and wait every 5 minutes for the video and audio to resync.




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