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Audio Sync Issues With All Apps

I have two Roku 4k devices, both model 3941X, software version 11.0.0 • build 4193-CR, that we bought & started using a couple of months ago. Since we started streaming with the Roku the audio is about half a second ahead of the video on both of our TV's. I still have a cable box attached to one of the TV's with no sync issue when watching through the box. One TV is a Samsung, the other is a Vizio.

The problem is occuring on all apps installed on the Roku device (Spectrum, Netflix, Prime Video, and Apple TV) it may be my imagination but Netflix seems slightly better than the others. We have cloud DVR through Spectrum and the audio sync issue is also present when watching the DVR.

I am on a 5ghz wifi system with an excellent signal, and an indicated good internet download speed of 154Mbps when checking the connection through Roku. Using a wifi speed test I am consistently getting 396Mbps down and 19Mbps up.

I have tried restarting the Roku device, adjusting audio settings as described in other threads ( using the * button to make sure all volume settings are off, setting streaming audio format to Auto, Dolby and DTS), deleting and re-adding the  apps, restarting the Roku device and restarting both the modem and the router all to no avail. 

I am getting to my wits end with the sync issue, please help

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