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Reel Rookie

Audio Delay

I have a horrible audio delay on several Roku apps.  If it was the video that was behind, my receiver could compensate by delaying the audio.  But since it is the audio that is behind, I cannot fix it.  

I have done the trick with the "*" button, and also reset the stick.  It happens the worst on the paramount + app and quite often on the HO Max app.  Here's the thing though- when I switch to night volume or volume levelling, there is no delay.  It is only when it is Off- and thus Dolby Digital that the audio lags.  

Streaming Stick +:  Happens whether the stick is plugged into the TV HDMI port or the Receiver HDMI port.  Makes no difference.


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Roku Guru

Re: Audio Delay

Try enabling/disabling "Auto adjust display refresh rate" (Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Advanced display settings) and see if that affects the audio delay.

Otherwise, assuming you have Settings/Audio/HDMI="Auto detect", try manually configuring that to DD+, and see if that makes any difference.

Finally, if your SS+ recently upgraded to OS10, try reverting it to 9.4:  Home 5x, FF 3x, RW 2x, Update software, Update now (if offered 9.4).


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