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Anyone else have terrible results from support

EDIT: Resolved by Roku, it took a lot to get noticed yet once they did take notice they escalated the solution.

Just purchased ANOTHER Roku device and it will be my last! I purchased an Ultra 4k and it has grey shadows around all the Names of Apps like Netflix etc. If I do a restart it goes away for a few minutes but is definitely getting worse. I reached out to Customer Service which I now discover is worse than Sprint ever was. They asked me a question, I responded and asked several questions myself and have NOT received a response. Started another ticket and NO RESPONSE. Started yet another and still NO RESPONSE. I have bought many devices for my home and even for friends as gifts and I am about to throw them all away! ROKU Customer Service SUCKS!!!!!!!

Anyone else have these issues and how do you call Customer Service? At one time I have and now no number for them.

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Re: Anyone else have terrible results from support

Um... have you ever perused the Accounts, Billing, & Orders section?

There is no phone number for Roku support.  You can try to send a private message to @RokuDanny-R or @RokuMary-F , but don't expect miracles.  I've never seen anyone report the issue you're seeing and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets blamed on your TV or setup.  Starting additional tickets is probably making the situation worse.  Roku doesn't do anything quickly.

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Re: Anyone else have terrible results from support

If you JUST purchased something, I would 1: google the problem, and if not found, then 2: post pictures and info on a forum, and if no-one still knows, then 3: return it for refund or exchange.  This is what return periods at stores are for - there are always a few strange defects or interoperability quirks that no one has seen before.  This kind of sounds like sharpening in the TV or some other picture "enhancement" but I'm just guessing.


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Re: Anyone else have terrible results from support

Hi @ScottIsenhart,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!
Our support team responded via email recently. Please check your email from our support team, they will be assisting you from there. 
We sincerely appreciate your patience and we are working on ways to better improve this process.